Standard Consultation (10-15 mins)

One ailment (e.g. a new medical problem, referral to specialist for a new condition, review of a chronic medical problem, script, cervical smear.)

Long Consultation (20-30 mins)

More than one ailment (e.g. first time visit, skin check, extensive paperwork, mental health care plans.)

Extended Consultation (over 30 mins)

Insurance medicals, pre-employment medicals, complex conditions consultation for Newborns.




The practice is a mixed billing practice. Private fees apply for patients who are not eligible under the Medicare Bulk-billing incentive criteria:

  • Children under 16 years old age
  • Health Care Card
  • Pension Card
  • DVA Gold Card and White Card Holders (Condition specific)
  • Care Plans & Mental Health Plans
  • Annual Health Assessment (for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Patients and/or Patients over 75 years of age)

The Doctor will advise if any other costs will arise from your consultation. Fees are payable at the time of consultation. Eftpos is available to assist with payment. All fees are displayed on the surgery notice board.

Consultation options: Short visit (Level A) Standard visit (Level B) Long Consultation (Level C)

Saturday appointments are all privately billed except children and pensioners over 65.

WorkCover and private medicals: pre employment, commercial, insurance, dangerous goods, truck safe etc. are to be payed by patient on the day of consultation unless a purchase order number or claim number is provided. Insurance form fees are payed as per practice policy. These can be obtained by ourĀ  receptionist, Gayle.

Tray Fee: An out of pocket cost will be charged with all procedures requiring use of tray containing consumables which include instruments & sterilization e.g. Skin excisions, toenail removal, drainage of abscess. This will be payed on the day of review, removal of stitches or dressing change.

For a more detailed list of our private and bulk-billed consultations, see our billing policy.